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Deialogau Dylan Thomas Dialogues

Screenprint by Jackie Ford

Screenprint by Jackie Ford

Like the ‘happy accidents’ in printmaking – those moments in the process when something unexpected but magical occurs – you can never quite predict how a project will evolve. It is the sum of all the people involved: the experts and tutors; the project team, and above all, the artists that give it substance, form and character.

The project set out to explore the theme ‘belonging’ inspired by selected texts by Dylan Thomas and two past winners of the contemporary literature prize, the Dylan Thomas Prize: The hunchback in the park and Return Journey by Dylan Thomas, Seating Arrangements by Maggie Shipstead, Fresh Apples by Rachel Trezise.

The collection of prints celebrates contemporary printmaking from eighteen established and emerging Wales-based artists. The prints stand for themselves but each artist has also offered written responses which are collected together in the accompanying publication.

As Maggie Shipstead said, ‘As a reader or as a viewer of art, what I’m hoping for is a sense of recognition, that feeling of excitement when something you see or read makes sense to you on a level you wouldn’t have expected or can necessarily describe.’

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